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Firefox- working slow

Firefox, has good demand among the users, continuously increasing at a rapid rate. There are a large number of users using the same browser.

There are some users who search for the solution of slow working of the Firefox.

This article is for the same users who are suffering from the same problem, this article is sharing some basic but very helpful.


Clear the Cache- Whether it is a Google Chrome Support or Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser, Cache plays an important role in working performance of the browser.

Cache, history of searched pages, preferences, covers a good memory of the device which results in the slow working of the browser.

For better work performance, a user should click the Cache of the browser on regular basis.

To clear the Cache of the browser, go to the settings option of the browser, given at the right-hand side top corner. Under the settings option, go to advanced setting option. The option of clearing the Cache, history will appear in the list, click on it, select the Cache and history boxes and tap on clean button given at the bottom of the page. 

Extensions-When the speed of the Firefox reduces, remove all the unnecessary extensions. A user can do this by clicking on the more tools option under the setting option of the browser. 

Under more tools option, an option of an extension will appear in the list. Select the unnecessary extensions and click on the remove button. 

Adobe Flash Version- Adobe Flash, java plug-ins, one of the possible reasons behind this issue. 

When the Firefox starts freezing, check for Java plug-ins, Adobe flash, they should be up to date. A user can update the Adobe Flash from the official website of the Adobe Flash. 

Add-ons- Add-ons, possible reason behind this issue. When Firefox starts freezing without any warning, open the Firefox in the safe mode.

To open the Firefox in the safe mode, go to the All programs option under the start menu, select Mozilla Firefox and click on the safe mode option under it. 

In safe mode, go to the Tools option, click on the Add-ons option under it. Select all the Add-ons and disable them. 

New profile- When the above points don't seem useful, create a new profile using the Firefox user profile manager, transfer all the data, settings to the new profile. 

Get the details of the Firefox profile manager by clicking on the given link Firefox Customer Service


Uninstall and reinstall If the above-given points don't work out, uninstall the Firefox by going into the control panel of the computer. 

To install it again, go to its official website Mozilla Firefox Support